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Blackberry Multigrain Muffins, Banana Rose Petal Muffins, Blackberry & White Chocolate Creme Brulee, Potato Oregano & Ale Chowder

What Should I Eat For Breakfast Today ?: Eat Berlin - Silo cafe and my first cupping, Friedrichshain



I drink and enjoy coffee each day, but I definitely don’t know enough about it. To be honest I know a tiny bit. Today was a special day, as I attended my first cupping in Silo cafe and I’ve learned more. We were tasting 10 different coffees, few of which came from Berlin’s roasteries….


Madeleine Cakes with Champagne Blackberries

The past few weeks have been a hurried helter skelter of six day work weeks, mad morning baking, and a flurry of packing. Pushing past my procrastination, I finally have enough time to write about the things that get me up at five in the morning and put me to bed well past midnight. 

These little cakes are a spin off on the classic scalloped lovelies, French madeleine cookies. There are no jokes about butter when it comes to these cakes and the batter is tricky. This variation uses a dark brown sugar and whole wheat flours to create a longer lasting buttery bliss.

With this batter you must not let it sit. Throw all of it in the oven immediately after you have finished mixing. The butter will separate if it is left to sit.

Apologies for the poor photographs. Lighting was the devil that day. Not to mention camera phones aren’t known for their great indoor lighting captures.

Amidst my busy days I found the time to pick some wild blackberries so I nixed the powdered sugar dusting and added sparkling bites of tangy goodness. Recipe —->

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We’re all quite good at looking ferociously silly in group photographs. From left to right: head boss, me, other boss, newish girl, pal, lady pal, best pal.
My last beautiful little latte from Evans Brothers poured by wonderful co-worker and bar manager, Daniel Gunter. I will miss this!